"The Creepy Bar" Electronic Press Kit

Left Handed Radio Presents: “THE CREEPY BAR: The Night of the Bloody Hand Guy,” starring Frank-Garcia Hejl (Scare Package, Blood Relatives) and James III (Netflix’s Astronomy Club, Human Resources).  Music by Dan Warren.

Available wherever you get podcasts. Listen here.

“The Creepy Bar” is a comedy/horror anthology series hosted by Marcus the Bartender, a friendly man of mystery who has heard all sorts of terrifying tales. 

In each episode, Marcus will pour you a drink and entertain you with his spookiest stories. It’s perfect for fans of “Tales from the Crypt,” “The Twilight Zone,” or “Creepshow.”

In “The Night of the Bloody Hand Guy,” naïve businessman Jason learns a hard lesson after he buys a magic wishing-hand from a seemingly harmless witch. Things go awry when Jason greedily ignores the witch’s warning to make sure he only wishes for something “good.”

Mostly a silly short story, and partly a critique of capitalism, “The Creepy Bar: The Night of the Bloody Hand Guy” is a fun, short listen (headphones recommended) and a rare example of fully-produced comedic podcast fiction.

“The Creepy Bar: The Night of the Bloody Hand Guy” was created by Left Handed Radio, a narrative fiction collective that has been producing scripted podcasts since 2010.





James III as "Jason/The Stranger"

Frank Garcia-Hejl as "Marcus The Bartender"