Brett White

Brett White is a comedy writer and a "proud Southern man" - except for all that, you know, weird stuff down there.

Brett has become a respected comic book journalist, providing op-ed pieces, interviews and other work for high-profile companies. His opinions can be read weekly in his column, "In Your Face Jam," which appears on Comic Book Resources. Brett also provides in-depth interviews and commentary for Recently, he served as the head editor of MTV's comic book movie blog, Splash Page.

Brett relocated to New York City in 2006 for an internship at The Late Show with David Letterman. During this time, he began a lengthy relationship with the UCB Theatre. Brett became a writer for the theater's long-running sketch team "Thunder Gulch," producing 29 monthly shows. He then went on to write for sketch team "Everything Rabbits" and UCB Comedy's Digital team, "UCB1."

With Left Handed Radio, Brett helped create a pilot for Comedy Central's Short Pilot Competition and produced Podtoons in collaboration with Above Average, in which he very proudly provided the voice for the affectionately named PodCritter.