Anna Rubanova

Anna Rubanova is a comedy writer, improviser, producer and VO actor from New York City or, as the locals call it, "The Big Turnstile."

As a writer, Anna has contributed to The Onion News Network, has written for the sketch team "The Punch," and is a freelance writer for Broadway Video/Above Average.

Anna’s producing credits include the Left Handed Radio Sketch Podcast, and the LHR Pilot, which was a finalist in the second annual Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition. She’s also the Executive Producer of Podtoons, an LHR animated sketch show, and HR Violations, an animated workplace series for SomeeCards and Above Average.

Anna co-hosts WNYC's Orphan Black fancast "Duplicast" and is the creator of "What If...?" an NPR science parody.

Anna is a die-hard Batman and Justice League fan. She dreams of one day meeting Andrea Romano, famed DC voice director, and begging her for a job. (Anna’s dreams aren’t very glamorous or thorough.)